miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2008

Halloween party in the Galerías El Flamenco

The coming weekend will be held at the Galeries Flamenco Halloween, which begins on the evening of 31, taking advantage of the kids have no school.

Already in passing that the kids dress and I go well, we entertain the elderly to give good account of the caps, spikes and other products with pleasure that we are accustomed to, we will provide the establishments of the place.
You are all invited, do not miss it.

Here are the Flyers of the Feast


Visit the especialfindesemana.com in Area de Mar Menor.es

Special Weekends

Project completion is at the weekend special in different areas of La Manga del Mar Menor and its area of influence, in the image of which will be held in Cabo de Palos
These weekends will focus on that local residents and tourists enjoy the environment as well as sporting events as much fun that would emanate from diversified way to reach everyone. That means that no one is left with no benefit.

The weekend will be announced well in advance to the knowledge of everyone inside and outside our borders.

This would aim to many things, and the first thing is to have fun, in addition to sharing the area even further and also encourage and support the establishments in the area to continue as before giving the excellent service they are accustomed.

In this blog and those created specifically for each area, you will find all the information, as well as special weekend


viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

A bit of history and situation

In Cartagena and the so-called deputation of Rincon de San Ginés, the most easterly of all, is integrated throughout our municipality that is part of La Manga del Mar Menor, the portion of the Mediterranean coastline between Cabo Palos and Punta Negra and Mar Menor area between Los Nietos and Playa Paraíso. Their limits set by the West as the town of La Union and the deputation of The Beal.

This gives us an idea of its varied richness and diversity of environments, especially when we consider their tourism potential, because not in vain since the U.S. citizen Gregory Peters realized in the early seventies of the geographical conditions of the site of Atamaría, next to the village of Los Belones, here were the facilities of La Manga Club, one of the best resorts and entertainment from around the world.

A wealth than their situation and diversity of environments you have to add the archaeological riches that have given birth to the work performed by experts in some areas, which reveal the seniority of their habitation. So are worthy of mention the work relating to the Cave of the Mussels (Los Belones) and coats of Los Dentoles (Calblanque), respectively, which point to human existence in the Upper Paleolithic to find in fragments of them spears and darts made of shank bone and deer.

jueves, 23 de octubre de 2008

Rescue in the Beaches

More than 3,700 people were attended by health personnel during the past summer in the twenty patrolled beaches of the municipality and 262 others rescued, according to the report of the monitoring plan and Rescue 2008, distributed by the council.

The report notes that the safety device counted this summer with 71 guards and 21 posts for rescue, as well as a focal point, and human and material resources for the movement and transfer of persons.

The report highlights a "significant increase in attendance and rescues" during the summer due to "a greater presence of troops on the beaches", besides the fact that "there has not been victims of drowning," municipal sources indicated.
Four deaths

From June 1 to September 30 were made a total of 3702 healthcare, 262 rescues of people, 66 ships, 209 ambulance transfer and four dead, "all of them for reasons other than the syndrome of immersion, mainly because of heart attack."

The beaches included in the plan are located in the area of the Mar Menor, La Manga, Cabo de Palos, La Azohia and Isla Plana while eight other with the greatest difficulties of access were left out of the device even though "the installation of information boards on unguarded beaches warn of the possibility of calling 112 in case of emergency

Nightlife in La Manga: What 's Your Pleasure?

The nightlife in La Manga offers as much variety as you could possibly hope for. Mediterranean towns have a character all their own; La Manga and its surrounding towns are no different. The summer nightlife draws people from all over Spain. You can find just about any type of bar or restaurant you desire in La Manga, where everyone is catered to in their own special way. Whether you are young or old, there is a special place for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

For young 20-somethings, Cabo de Palos transforms from a quiet, small fishing town during the day to a happening, nighttime mixture of clubs with music to suit every mood. Combine the atmosphere of the lounges with the moonlit waters of the Mediterranean Sea and you will find yourself in your own paradise.

For older crowds and families, the resorts, restaurants and pubs offer many options. What 's your pleasure? Is it international cuisine, British fare or Spanish tapas? Whatever your choice, you can find it in La Manga. Many of the restaurants offer children 's menus for those younger than 12 years old. Perhaps you are dreaming of a quiet and romantic dinner for two. Many hotels offer babysitting services if you would like some adult time out on the town. Some even offer childcare services right in your villa or hotel room.

For those in search of a new and exciting adventure, the nightlife will cast its spell. Warm breezes, softly rippling tides and pristine white beaches invite romance and intrigue. The seaside restaurants and clubs offer an exotic atmosphere to everyone who fancies a night out in La Manga.

The restaurants, pubs, piano bars and casinos vibrate with exciting entertainment. Some venues even offer live entertainment six nights a week and a variety of international foods for snacking. You can dance the night away in bars that offer all kinds of exotic and standard drinks. Many places stay open deep into the early morning hours and actually come to life the later it gets.

Do you want to taste traditional food and enjoy music from another country? German, English and Bohemian foods, drinks and themes are available for your enjoyment. In the summer, you can even spend the night at the markets, pubs and bars and welcome the new day 's sunrise.

Even when vacationing in another country, some people just prefer calmer activities. La Manga has nighttime attractions to meet those needs. Some hotels offer casinos with typical games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slots. For something different, you may choose to visit one of three open-air cinemas, which offer different programs each night. Guests of all ages bring popcorn and plastic chairs and settle in for a night of entertainment. The only drawback is that the movies are generally in Spanish.

La Manga offers such a huge variety of culture, attractions and entertainment that you'll never be at a loss for something to do. These attributes pair with a gorgeous landscape of rolling hills and seaside beaches. You'll awake your first day here and realize that you have found paradise.

Whatever your tastes, you can find your style of nightlife in La Manga. Combine the excitement of never-ending action with the beauty of La Manga and you may never want to leave. Plan your vacation today and come indulge in yourself.